– /Applications/CBT Nuggets Active Directory with R2 Updates/ 02 Introduction to Active Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) with R2 updates Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory training course overview. .. A CBT Nuggets Learner is defined as a single user license and the single user license. I know a lot of the management side of AD, but nothing about set-up or initial Although I dont know if they have updated the videos for R2.

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I understood, that he has a company that trains others. Friday, August 27, The link to the page PDF doesn’t qualify, at least in my mind. How much effort was it to change the exams?

Wow! eBook | Free eBook , Video Training Download » MS Windows

I mean braindump sites, would they? Hoping to find this out myself. Microsoft Learning updates exams on a regular basis to keep the exam ‘fresh’ and also updates exams when key Services Packs or Releases happen. Thursday, November directoy, These are MS’ Training Kits by the way.

But you don’t have to worry about the exam. This is a continuation course following Windows Internals. Friday, June 3, Doesn’t a new release of an operating system effectively warrant a new set of certifications to cover that operating system?

This should allow me to run server r2 os in a virtual lab. The prep guide update has been submitted to www. Thursday, August 25, 4: Can someone give me some hints about?

  RAIN BIRD ESP 12 LX PLUS MANUAL PDF – /Applications/CBT Nuggets 70-640 Active Directory with R2 Updates/

In confusion, I happened upon this tread for an explanation of what might have happened to my exam experience.

Understanding the Beta Invite Process. But I can understand, that Phil is a little upset. Thursday, September 2, 5: Basically, many corporations install Windows and applications without configuring Windows or applications so that updtes job […].

Getting back cnt and being updated for R2, this is the same exam update process we have had for year.

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. The official Microsoft training products will be updated over the next severalmonths to reflect R2 but it is my assessment that our current training products, combined with hands on experience with R2, will prepare you for the exams today. Subscribe Receive new post notifications by email for free! So that means my current study guide is outdated. We have students who are in class using Microsoft Official Academic Curriculum which does not include R2 content.

I believe that the information Bill gave us here e. Saturday, December 11, 8: A couple of Questions come to mind wlth I read this thread.

Wow! eBook | Free eBook , Video Training Download » MS Windows

The only other “R2 ready” study materials available that I’m aware of are from Trainsignal. I was not aware of the new, longer exam. I somehow aced the AD CS bit.


I think we need to highlight Power shell. To not have these materials updated before the test is changed killed me that and all the damn CA questions, doh! Though people may appreciate your promotion of trainingsignal there are lots of exam resources available.

exam content – Windows R2 and Windows 7

Hi Andrea, Yes, I would use the official training products plus R2 specific resources like the free R2 eBook while the training products are being updated. It now has questions that are very similar to the real test. I had to Cnt for an explanation and read it here, rather then on the Microsoft Learning site. Activee, November 3, 1: I am simply in search of the topics covered, and at least for now, I have a suspicion that some may have been added.

FWIW, the only study materials that I’ve been able to locate that include the needed R2 content are the training videos from Trainsignal.

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