17 Jun The purpose of the Act. This Act shall ensure access to important land information by means of a uniform and reliable register (the cadastre). Home arrow Collection 6 – Filipiniana Theses and Dissertations arrow CA 1. Reference URL. Add tags. Comment. Rate. Save to favorites Remove from favorites. Cadastral Act, Act was enacted on February 11, mandated the Director of Lands to order the conduct of a land survey that covers an entire.

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It shall xct clear from the notice used to register the cadastral parcel in the Land Register whether the cadastral parcel is a parcel, 3D parcel, condominium unit, farm commons or leased land. The following may require clarification of existing boundaries executed as a separate survey:.

Work is being done to make the system fully compliant with this level. As above stated, after the entry of the final decree for the registration of a lot, subdivisions thereof may be made, and the last paragraph of the said section 6 reads:. When the lands have been surveyed and platted, the Director of Lands represented by the Attorney-General now Solicitor Generalshall institute registration proceedings, by petition against the holders, claimants, possessors, or occupants cadastrzl such lands or any part thereof, stating in substance that the public interests require that the titles to such lands be settled and adjudicated, and praying that such titles be so settled and adjudicated.

The State represented by the central cadastral authority has the right to transfer all cadasttal information in the municipalities’ analogue and digital map series, records and electronic databases that is to be entered in the cadastre, including other information necessary for achieving efficient transfer. National identity numbers can only be provided if the conditions of section 12 of the Personal Data Act are met.

Anyone affected by surveying work shall be notified in an appropriate manner prior to its commencement. The provisions of section fourth paragraph of the Mortgages and Pledges Act apply to the lapse of a mortgage on land that is part of land for cadadtral roads or railways.

Upon the order taxing and apportioning such costs becoming final, an execution may issue therefor as in partition proceedings under the Code of Civil Procedure unless the court direct that payment be made in installment as provided in section eighteen of this Act. And as I have before said, section does cadastal authorize an action for partition. A copy of the notice shall also be sent by registered mail to the Mayor of the city, municipality, township, or settlement in which the lands are cdaastral and to the Provincial Governor.


The Cadastral Act (Act. no. ) :: Collection 6 – Filipiniana Theses and Dissertations

The Ministry may by regulations issue further provisions on agreements concerning existing boundaries that may be referenced in the cadastre, including restricting and expanding what kind of agreements can cafastral referenced.

Cadastral cadastfal requests that do not meet the conditions pursuant to this Act shall be refused. Photos – UST Sampaloc. Piffard executed a deed of sale of the aforesaid lot in favor of the defendant Pampanga Sugar Mills, Inc. It was also during this time that the Bureau of Lands was divided into nine 9 inspection district and thirty two 32 district land offices in order to decentralize land surveying and processing of land patent application to the provinces.

Add or remove collections.

Act on a national register for land information (Cadastre Act) –

As above stated, after the entry of the final decree for the registration cadsatral a lot, subdivisions thereof may be made, and the last paragraph of the said section 6 reads: The Ministry may by regulations issue further provisions on the use of cadxstral parcels in other public registers and use of maps together with the cadastre, including rules governing the transfer of information from the municipality’s map series for use in such map sections.

The municipality may charge fees for cadastral surveying, cadastral recording, issuing cadastral certificates and other work pursuant to this Act and pursuant to regulations issued by the municipal council. The Director of Lands shall, thereupon, give notice to persons claiming an interest in the lands, and to at general public, of the day on which such survey will begin, giving as full and accurate a description as possible of the lands to be surveyed.

Such notice shall be vadastral in two successive issues of the Official Gazette, in both the English and Spanish languages, and a copy of the notice in the English and Spanish languages shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the lands to be cadadtral, and also in a conspicuous place on the chief municipal building of the municipality, township or settlement in which the lands, or any portion thereof, are situated.


In cases that concern cadastral registration of unregistered land or unregistered leased land pursuant to section 13, or the registration of farm commons pursuant to section 14, registration of land rights shall only take place when specifically requested.

The Cadastral Act (Act. no. 2259)

The municipality may by agreement permit other parties to perform cadastral surveying on its behalf. Cadastral Act means the survey of a large area of land by lots and blocks with the purpose of determining and settling the ownership thereof, and adjudicating to the owners the corresponding titles. If the parcel is recorded in the Land Register, it may be deleted in the cadastre only if it is simultaneously deleted in the Land Register.

A cadaztral cadastral parcel is established when the parcel is entered into the cadastre. Where no guardian is appointed, or where he fails to appear, the court may appoint a guardian “ad litem” to represent the minors or persons of unsound mind in the proceedings. The Ministry may by regulations issue further provisions on cadastrla and payment for information from the cadastre, including the rules regarding distribution of these revenues between the municipality and the State.

The same applies when existing buildings and structures are to be created as 3D parcels. The provisions of section 7 shall enter into force no earlier than four years after the Act comes into force.

In the interpretation of the provisions of this Act, the rules of construction laid down by sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the Code of Civil Procedure and section of the Land Registration Act shall apply. The Director of Lands shall for this purpose send to the officer in charge of such collection a copy of said assessment of costs: The State’s specialist geodetic agency shall determine and make available a geodetic reference frame to the whole country so that mapping and surveying work and other use of geodetic-related coordinates can take place within a common, unambiguous frame of reference.

Cadastral data that does not contain personal data, or only includes data that identifies, maps, or specifies types of cadastral parcels, buildings or addresses, may be provided for all types of use.

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