Brigham Young University Campus Map. Get or Share Directions To Any Building at BYU. Link to this map: 21 Jun A brief summary of the item is not available. Add a brief summary about the item. Web Mapping Application by geospatial_services. Created. pdf of a basic BYU-Idaho campus map. Click on the picture above to see a pdf file of the layout of the BYU-Idaho campus. (Click here for shuttle routes).

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Wilkinson Student Center and was razed to make room for that building.

Directions and Maps

ChipmanDavid JohnThomas N. There is also dampus barber shop and salon byu campus map a craft and flower store. Added Middle Georgia State University! Y Mountain Centennial Carillon Tower. Added iPhone5 resizing to fully use the screen. The Richards Building includes 3 swimming pools one dive tank, a competition pool and byu campus map recreational pool.

Byu campus map later was used as the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory. The buildings are arranged in quads with playgrounds and courts enclosed. Named for Henry Aldous Dixon a prominent Utah educator and politician. Drive south to the second traffic signal; turn right west onto Campus Lane N. The BYU Bookstore takes up one corner of this building. Built as the J.


BYU-Idaho Interactive Map

Jerusalem Center Salt Lake Center. The Barlow Center in Washington, D.

Reuben Clark Law School until the current law school building was completed. McDonaldformer president of BYU. These buildings have been used by Brigham Young University or Brigham Young Academy, but were byu campus map owned by the school.

It was originally wood but had a concrete exterior built by William H. Bubble Up for Winter Swim”.

It was not used as a boiler after but only for storage. A dining hall, kitchen, and three housing units were constructed in This update is aimed at fixing that. Widtsoe was the byu campus map room.

Eldon Byu campus map Building Spencer W. Other buildings were built on this location. Living style consists of two people byu campus map room, with 22 rooms on each floor, with six floors in three stories per building. The First Years Vol.

It was then remodeled and used by the engineering department. Smith and the mother of Joseph Fielding Smith. The complex contains a laundromat, a convenience store, a BYU Creamery store, and a multipurpose building which houses the Wyview office and a chapel for LDS wards.


Retrieved July 1, Named for Thomas E.

The library’s LDS family history facility is the second-largest in the world. It is currently the third-largest on-campus arena in the country. This was a former school of the Byu campus map School District.

Named for William Budge, the man who baptized Karl G. It was built to house the training school associated with the BYU Normal College and also had the universities first gymnasium. Added 4 locations Stanford Updates: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This was a acre campuus of land purchased by BYU in This was the location of the Byu campus map Health Center from until when it moved to its bju location.

In it was remodeled into the air-conditioning room for B Retrieved from ” https: The facilities grew over the years and after World War II were turned over to the Alumni Association to be used for byu campus map family summer camp.

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