Screenwriter must-read: Alan R. Trustman & Harry Kleiner’s screenplay for Bullitt . The screenplay of the movie was written by Alan Trustman, based on the. Bullitt is a American thriller film directed by Peter Yates and produced by Philip D’Antoni. The picture stars Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, and Jacqueline Bisset. The screenplay by Alan R. Trustman and Harry Kleiner was based on the . Alan Trustman, who saw the picture the very week he was writing the Bullitt. Alan Trustman is not sick and has no reason to make a last wish, but he has one anyway. “I want to drive the Bullitt Mustang,” said the.

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Stanton is seated at th table, taking notes from a Computer textbook.

Bullitt Shooting Script – PDF Free Download

Downstairs with another man. I’ve got him here under a John Doe. Do you have Dr. Scrernplay hit me before I got a chance to look at them. He hands Baker the phone.

Bullitt (1968) Movie Script

Give me a bag, Tony. Two guys got him with a shotgun. Maximum security on the transfer. Delgetti takes the first shift and Stanton takes the second shift. There are also two travel brochures from a Chicago travel agency, each identically describing the agencies’ Rome vacation package.



Some score passages and cues are virtually identical to the official soundtrack album, while many softer, moodier cues from the film were not chosen or had been rewritten for the soundtrack release. Beyond is a too forturns, a man to squeeze through. No, that’s not necessary. He moves to counter, pays. Bullitt was director Yates’ first American film.

In the restaurant scene with McQueen and Bissett, the live band playing in the background is Meridian West, a jazz quartet that McQueen had seen performing at the famous Sausalito restaurant, The Trident.

The sequences were the brain child of Steve McQueen; He knew what he wanted and how he wanted it to appear on film. I thought it was terrific when the guy whips the shotgun out and the way the special effects fellow devised how those pebbles cracked the windshield and it made it so realistic like he really shot the windshield. I’ve got an officer with a family who’s shot up pretty bad.

Willard is still in the hospital. San Franciscothe “Bite the Bullet” mission is based on the famous chase scene, with licensed versions of the Mustang and Charger from the film.

Look at all this literature! I’m rather certain I can prove negligence on your part. I know Chalmers wants you to be happy. There are other girls ahead of you. I had no idea what they wanted to do until I got there. Two guys got him with a shotgun. Say, who were you talking to about me on that telephone?


He looks at the covers quickly. As he begins to wash up at his bathroom sink, he looks up into his own reflection in the mirror and contemplates himself ruefully just before the movie ends with a camera shot of his ammo clip. Your buddy is all right. Bullitt’s fingers travel quickly down the column.

Bullitt refuses to comply, his suspicions regarding “Ross”‘s true identity now nearly fully confirmed. Delgetti gives up, turns to the Desk Clerk. He returns the dust pan and brush to the glove compartment, and snaps it shut.

Find out more about your rights as a buyer – opens in a new window or tab and exceptions – opens in a new window or tab. He moves with Baker to Wescott bulkitt the photographer. Back at San Francisco police headquarters, Bullitt and Delgetti receive the luggage that the police had retrieved from the cartage service which Simmons had used to transport her luggage from San Mateo to San Francisco International Airport.

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