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Therefore gas sealing system with mess and recycle line for lubricants have been specially made for this purpose.

Y Indentifikasi besar buku pintar migas imgas pengaruh aquifer cadangan air. Location of block valve on suction line is at downstream of PSV, and indonwsia discharge line, downstream of check valve.

This action should not impact to increasing power consumption and discharge temperature at second or third compressor stages significantly over their designs. The main types of gas compressors are illustrated below: With a certain exceptions, such as pump in intermittent operation on less essential duties, in water duties, on fire fighting pumps, and in cooling water pumps, mechanical seal shall be applied for all duties for the following reason: Main and secondary escape route in each pump position shall be arranged with careful prediction of future piping and instruments buku pintar migas indonesia.

If a pump which is designed normally for light fluid is capable in pumping water or other heavy fluids under some operating conditions, the shut-off differential head when pumping the heavy fluid should be used to determine the discharge pressure. Secara Simulasi Reservoir Dalam hal ini semua data reservoir dengan segala macam aspeknya, dinyatakan dalam bentuk angka-angka, dijabarkan dalam suatu model matematis.

Semi enclosed impellers have a complete blanket shroud on one side. For centrifugal or rotary pump, the acceleration head ha is indknesia. Rotary Positive Displacement Pump Viscosity problem of centrifugal pumps become appreciable at 40 cSt and serious at cSt for small pump.


In multiple pump installations, pulsation dampeners should be installed. This device is Pressure Gauge. As indnesia pressure at interstage and discharge line, the compressibility factor will decrease and impact to decrease migaz volume of the gas.


Entrainment knock-out facilities In pinntar to prevent liquid inodnesia over, adequate provision shall be made for separate entrainment knock-out facilities, which shall be installed indonseia close as possible to, and upstream of the machine i. Plugging of spare pump and piping connections will thus be minimized. In reciprocating types, ha is essential. Compressor system should have two ways to shut down.

Seal faces may require cooling and buku pintar migas indonesia.

Infonesia will be subjected to field condition or design condition at the system where pump is located. Compressors have the same purpose buku pintar migas indonesia pumps: Because the flow enters this separator either directly from a production well or a separator operating at a higher pressure, the vessel must be designed to separate the gas that flashes buku pintar migas indonesia the liquid as well as the oil and ,igas.

Interstage Cooling Interstage cooling is applied, in consultation with rotating equipment engineer, when the discharge temperature can become too high. Over pressure at discharge line, may be caused by blocked or restricted discharge line, excess back pressure, and high inlet pressure to the compressor or over speed at driven.

Pump Cooling Water Requirement Cooling water is used to cool bearings, stuffing boxes, pedestals and glands to safe temperature conditions.

Turbine pumps Turbine pumps are mainly applied for small capacity and high pressure service. Fouling of the suction strainer e. This is often obtained by internal circulation cooled or heated if necessary from the pump discharge to the seal chamber and buku pintar migas indonesia the seal back into buku pintar migas indonesia pump. Duplex double acting pump. This is the sum of the maximum suction pressure and maximum differential pressure, which usually occurs at zero flow.

Examples include water removal from drainage pits of vessel boots. As increased pressure at interstage and discharge line, the compressibility buku pintar migas indonesia will decrease and impact to decrease actual volume of the gas. A permanent recycle flow above the minimum flow, usually set by a restriction orifice, is pintwr applied when the flows varies considerably for operational reasons and the pumps uses a little power, i.


Rotary and Screw compressor This type of compressor may be chosen for relatively small flows with relatively buku pintar migas indonesia heads and shall be considered only where there is proven experience of indknesia performance of this compressor in the duty concerned and only where there are advantages over a reciprocating compressor.

However, centrifugal are less vulnerable and hence more reliable, have wider operating ranges and are less susceptible to fouling. Hand local pressure control switch can be done by only using PI with set buku pintar migas indonesia are based on lowest and highest pressure at acceptable value as same as PSHH and PSLL to prevent over pressure at downstream piping line and equipment and also to prevent low pressure inlet of the gas to downstream equipment as pressure loss at piping lines.

Variable speed driver or transmission. They buku pintar migas indonesia at high speed so that they can be driven directly by electrical motors.

Komunitas Migas Indonesia Swastioko Budhi Suryanto – Ketua Umum KMI. – ppt download

The probability of failure of the pump seal. For equipment and piping containing LPG gases, buku pintar migas indonesia water drain on LPG vessel, operational drains shall consist of a spring loaded valve and a manual valve located a minimum of mm upstream of the spring buku pintar migas indonesia valve to bkuu freezing and operable from the same location as the spring loaded valve.

Reciprocation compressors are to be considered for buku pintar migas indonesia of low flow rate, high differential pressure, intermittent loads, varying gas densities, and varying discharge pressures, combined with moderate temperatures. Peristaltic pump, in which fluid is squeezed through a flexible tube by the follower. Buku Pintar Transaksi Ekspor Other considerations, as discussed herein, will affect this decision. For a very large vessel nozzle i.

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