This handy checklist lists the items that BMW dealerships go over when servicing Final Inspection. 1. Road test with check of brakes, suspension, steering, and. For complete details, please refer to the Inspection Guidelines. Section of the CPO BMW Vehicle Program Center Operations Manual. 1 of 4 i10CPOCKLST 05 -. The BMW Inspection 1 Service is the smaller of the two inspection services recommended by BMW. It includes basically all of the items that assures safety and.

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It’s not necessary to replace the differential or the transmission fluid Valve adjustment I didn’t bother to do a comprehensive review. Always remember to change the oil in your car every three months or vmw, miles along with the filter. All pictures and references to the Porsche name, and the car names and shapes are for restoration reference only, and do not imply any association with Porsche. Exhaust System – Check condition, position, and mounting of exhaust system.

We’ve broken down what your technician will do during Inspection 1 by which area of your Bimmer it will affect. Replace Alarm System Innspection – Recharge bmw inspection 1 checklist replace batteries for remote controls in all bmw inspection 1 checklist master keys.


Check instrument panel and dashboard illumination. For BMW’s bmw inspection 1 checklist before or during bmw inspection 1 checklist, your first Inspection 1 will checklixt at 15, miles, then every 30, miles after that, so again at 45, miles, then 75, miles, and so forth. The inepection that are generally checked are listed below. Check operation of all latches. Body and Frame – Inspect entire body according to terms of rust perforation limited warranty must be performed at least every two years.

Check brake and clutch system connectors and lines for leaks, damage and incorrect positioning.

BMW Inspection I & II

Add fluid if required. The Greatest Place on Earth. Let me know what you guys think and if there are things that need to be added or changed.

Other makes and models can also utilize this maintenance program to ensure a pleasant bmw inspection 1 checklist and ownership But make sure you mechanic says it is OK first. It will have the wiring. Those are just some things that stood out. Lighting and Horns – Check lighting system, i.

BMW Inspection I & II:

bmw inspection 1 checklist BMW Inspection 2 Written by: Engine Oil – Change engine oil and oil filter while chcklist is at operating temperature. Basic info on Air Filters. Order Online or Call: As always, if you have any questions or comments about this helpful article, please drop us a line.


Visually examine the SRS airbag units for torn cover, obvious damage or attachment of decals, decorations, or accessories.

Steering – Check steering for absence of play, condition of suspension track rods, front axle joints, steering linkage bmw inspection 1 checklist joint disc. Check rear view mirrors. All times are GMT. Undercarriage Change engine oil and Oil Filtercheck engine at is at normal operation temperature.

Fuel Supply Line – Visually check fuel tank, lines and connections for leaks. BB code is On.

Service 1 and 2 Explained

Clark Griswold, eat your heart out… Spotted at Autoscope: Is the changing of the rear diff fluid normal for inspection II? If you like what you see here, then please visit our online BMW bmw inspection 1 checklist and help support the collection and creating of new and informative technical bmw inspection 1 checklist like this one.

Repair cost are not included in the inspection cost So be prepared to spend more!. I have no experience with LED installations. Set the parking brake.

Consult authorized factory manuals when performing repair procedures.

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