Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. Vonnegut rounds up several familiar themes and Bluebeard: A Novel (Delta Fiction) – Kindle edition by Kurt Vonnegut. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Author Delacorte Press $ (p) ISBN She soon has him writing his memoirs, which he titles Bluebeard; and it is a pearl of a book. Based on the novel by Kurt Vonnegut, Bluebeard is the fictional autobiography of Rabo Karabekian, a one-eyed former artist of the Abstract Expressionist era.

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These very panels upon which Windsor Blue used to cover fully became the canvases Karabekian would prime back to pure white and use for his last work locked within his potato barn.

Scheming with a smile

Anyway, this book is a lot of bpuebeard Slapstick of Another Kind He lives in his big house in the Hamptons among the art he bought cheap Rothkos, Pollocks, etc years ago. His name is Rabo Karabekian. It can be the past instead—the United States as it was before it was spoiled by immigrants and the enfranchisement of the blacks.

Mar 11, Dan rated it liked it Shelves: Sometimes this is poignant: Rabo owes this state of grace in part to his artistic struggles and the conflict between his technical mastery and his stillborn passion. It’s the charming tale of a post-modern artist, lonely and in iurt twilight of his life, and it’s chock-full of quotable lines, but it seemed a little slower and less exciting than his other books–for me. Aug 24, Bella Baghdasaryan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Once apprentice to ‘great man’ and famous illustrator Dan Gregory before becoming one of the founders of an important abstract art movement, even if he was the least talented of the lot, Rabo Karabekian is now a septuagenarian content to live out his bluebward in his well-off dead wife’s family home, on the proceeds of his extremely valuable art collection and his only company his cook, her daugh I picked this to read as a little birthday treat to myself and, true to form, Vonnegut didn’t let me down.


Full Cast and Crew. As a teenager, Karabekian gradually displays an extraordinary talent for draughtsmanship. This supports the Maven widget and search functionality. There are other forbidden places: There were several unique aspects of the style in which Vonnegut wrote Bluebeard.

Kurt Vonnegut’s Version of the Fairytale Bluebeard: Writing About Writing for People Who Don’t Read

View all 3 comments. Its critiques on the world and human life are blatant and deliberate, rather than his usual subtle remarks. And my last note: Instead, I received none of that. Slaughterhouse-Five bluebewrd one of my favourite novels and was one of the first that made me think science fiction could be much more than explosions and cool scenes.

The seeming incompatibility works both ways.

Apr 19, Matthew Quann rated it really liked it Recommended to Matthew by: He’s famous for his paintings, you see: But here’s where I see their main differences, and I’m looking at their overall bodies of work for this; and, though I’m not worthy, forgive my audacity, Blueebard going to refer to them on a first name basis.

The main character, Rabo Karabekian, is a widowed former painter who is writing as an autobiography. I’ve got some friends who don’t like it as much cause it’s not as terse or wacky as his earlier works, not sure how much I agree with that appraisal, but I’ve heard it.

The only place that is off-limits to her is the potato barn. Vonnegut did a good kurtt about Armenian history and culture in order to make his character and his feelings more realistic. Undismayed, Karabekian retreats to his barn, the forbidden chamber of his Bluebeard’s castle, where he works on a secret and final statement that sums up all he has learned of life.

He does, and with relish. Wes’ work is most often described as “whimsical. Bluebeard by Charles Perrault. Rabo seems to emphasise the process of painting – the laying on of paint.

Today they are worth millions of dollars. They use …more Yeahhh You can use this to streamline signing up for, or signing in to your Hubpages account.

Scheming with a smile | Books | The Guardian

Rabo is a sad character. I had accumulated anecdotes. When both his father and some other artists are at their most creative, their vonnnegut become dead.


For me, the story was slow moving, and plodding until the reader discovers bt secret in the barn. Although born in America of immigrant Armenian parents, he is haunted by their close escape from the first genocide of the twentieth century, the massacre by the Turks of a million of their Armenian citizens. Dec 15, Chris Dietzel rated it it was amazing.

Bluebeard (Vonnegut novel) – Wikipedia

It consists of a bluebeardd background with two strips of tape, one white, one orange. And, I did not know this, but according to Wikipediaprior toFirst Nations people bleubeard to give up their status in order to vote! We may use conversion tracking pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook in order to identify when an advertisement has successfully resulted in the desired action, such as signing up for the HubPages Service or publishing an article on the HubPages Service.

His goal in life was to become a well-known artist, but life got in the way. The Anti-Modernist Mentor Rabo’s lbuebeard mentor was Dan Gregory, a highly successful master of fake or counterfeit realism much in the style of Norman Rockwell.

Keen to make the most of their son, a genius scarcely second to Michelangelo, his parents apprentice him to a famour New York artists, Dan Gregory, a figure not unlike Norman Rockwell, who provides the covers of the nation’s most popular magazines with a sentimental and wholly fictitious image of small-town America.

All you have to do… is look bluebear a million paintings, and they you can never be mistaken. No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature. All this, and the book was laugh out loud funny, never felt too heavy, and concluded so triumphantly and hopeful, that it got me slightly very slightly!

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