Although different methods for the synthesis of Biginelli’s products were based on the use of strong protic .. Pyrimidine and its derivatives. A Mini Review: Biginelli Reaction for the Synthesis of Dihydropyrimidinones. Conference Pyrimidine Containing Derivatives Scheme 7. At the present time there are a few general methods of the synthesis of 5-acyl-1,2, 3,4-tetrahydropyrimidinethiones/ones. One of them is the Biginelli reaction.

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However, C5 esters reacted with hydrazine hydrate, in ethyl alcohol and in the presence of H 2 SO 4bibinelli give hydrazides 5 [ 3738 ] Figure 1. Synthesis and evaluation of some new fluorinated hydroquinazoline derivatives as antifungal agents.

Synthesis of Some New Tetrahydropyrimidine Derivatives as Possible Antibacterial Agents

Support for anN-Acyliminium Ion Intermediate1″. We studied the action of hydrazine hydrate as N -nucleophile on Biginelli pyrimidine esters 4a — 4h. Synthesis of selectively functionalized 2-hetero-1,4-dihydropyrimidines. Facile preparation and resolution of a stable 5-dihydropyrimidinecarboxylic acid.

Basic 3-substitutedaryl-1,4-dihydropyrimidinecarboxylic acid esters. Pryimidine J Pharm Res. We also identified malonohydrazide as reaction product besides salicylaldehyde azine upon the reaction of ethyl 2-oxo-2 H -chromenecarboxylate with hydrazine hydrate [ 43 ].

Biginelli Reaction

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. View at Google Scholar K.

Mohana Roopan and R. Normal saline was used for preparation of inoculants having turbidity equal to 0. The polymer-supported, resin-bound isothiourea 13polymer nanocomposite 14 and various other catalysts 1516 have been used for synthesis of Biginelli products.


This unexpected result leads us to perform further extensive survey in literature to discover the effect of hydrazine hydrate on pyrimidines other than DHPMs. Abstract Heterocyclic compounds containing a pyrimidine nucleus are of special interests thanks to their applications in medicinal chemistry as they are the basic skeleton of several bioactive compounds such as antifungal, antibacterial, antitumor and antitubercular.

This page was last edited on 25 Septemberat View at Google Scholar T. Melting points were measured with a Stuart melting point apparatus and were uncorrected. Correspondence should pyrimivine addressed to Hazem A. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Synthesis of Some New Tetrahydropyrimidine Derivatives as Possible Antibacterial Agents

An improved synthesis of Biginelli-type compounds via phase-transfer catalyst. This scheme begins with rate determining nucleophilic addition by the urea to the aldehyde. Atul Kumar has reported first enzymatic synthesis for Biginelli reaction via yeast catalysed protocol in high yields. Dihydropyrimidinones, pyrimiddine products of the Biginelli reaction, are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as calcium channel blockers, [11] antihypertensive agentsand alphaa-antagonists.

In 1 H NMR spectra, all of the products showed a singlet peak at about 5. Two singlet peaks for NH groups in pyrimidine ring were observed at about El Kerdawy et al. Table 1 Antibacterial activity of some synthesized compounds inhibition zones, mm. Interestingly, the reported findings revealed that the hydrazinolysis of pyrimidine-2 1 H -one 7a4-methylpyrimidin-2 1 H -one 7bor 4,6-dimethylpyrimidin-2 1 H -one 7c resulted in the formation of 1 H -pyrazole 8a3-methyl-1 H -pyrazole 8b and 3,5-dimethyl-1 H -pyrazole 8crespectively, in addition to urea synthewis in each case Figure 2 [ 40 ].


Highly versatile solid phase synthesis of biofunctional 4-aryl-3,4-dihydropyrimidines using resin-bound isothiourea building blocks and multidirectional resin cleavage.

Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. Al-shakliah3,6 and Hatem A.

Tetrahydroprymidines and their derivatives have recently attracted considerable interest thanks to their pharmacological activities such as anticancer 1antiviral 2calcium channel modulation 3 and antibacterial activity 4 – 6. The abbreviations used are as follows: Compounds with pyrimidine scaffolds exhibit wide range of diverse pharmacological actions [ 12 ] and biological activities [ 3 ] such as anti-HIV agent Stavudine [ 4 ], antibiotic Fervennuline [ 5 ], antihypertensive drug Minoxidil [ 6 ], and antibacterial drug Sulfamethazine [ 7 ].

Biginelli reaction

The 13 C NMR spectra of these compounds showed a signal at about Each concentration was repeated 4 times for each of the bacteria and the average results synyhesis inhibitory effects are illustrated in Table 1. The Biginelli Condensation Revisited”.

In general terms, this report is going to describe the synthesis of new tetrahydropyrimidine derivatives via the Biginelli reaction using HCl or DABCO as a catalyst in ethanol. Culture was carried out with sterile swab and microtube suspension was pyrimidinr for 24 h and then inoculated onto Mueller Hinton agar.

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