20 transistor solid state Bedini energizer. Hello John and the forum members hope your day of experiments are going well. Thought id start a. The aim for this project is to study and learn the working principle of John C. Bedini’s Simple School Girl (SSG) Energizer. John C. Bedini had released the. I think John Bedini has the solution to β€œtap” into it, as well as others. so others, like myself, can just get their energizers built and move on.

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Bedini Energizer Kits Available!

With a broad brush I’ll paint the human race as a barely evolved or devolved parasite. That baby really hums. I know you spend a good bit of time with JB and I value your input. Primary battery should be a GOOD flooded lead acid battery that is big enough to run at the C20 rate. Originally Posted by tachyoncatcher Are we wasting our time? Something the regulators are not capable of. If this new discovery used common commodities used in mainstream commerce, then it would be impossible to isolate the materials to discriminate against the new discovery.

You need a larger diameter rotor.

The there is only one step to OU – add tiny bit of energy compensating looses from any source like solar or eneergizer waves not necessarily from radio stations, better from cosmic source. Peace and Love to the World!


John Bedini Energizers 1

The motor produces shaft horsepower, at β€” say β€” some 30 or 40 percent efficiency, compared to the power drained from the battery. Last edited by Gustavo Roque; at Follow the link down my channel and some of the Solid State videos The only difference is that, in this case, we have to be clever enough to make and divert the river in the right timing sequency.

I’m a bit surprised you are blowing inverters. John K, Thanks for your input. Hi Gustavo, Just looking at your circuit again.

Peace and Love to the World. So the energizer draws a little bit of power from the motor, but not very much. You must be careful, for the device is a little tricky to adjust in and synchronize all the resonances.

Thus we draw on an inexhaustible source, and our device is no more esoteric than a paddlewheel in a river. It is pretty simple, once one gets the hang of the basic idea. Page 1 of 2. Litz preserves trigger on trigger coil but detriment to radiant bedii charge coils.

John Bedini Energizers 1 :: Nikola TESLA 3 generations later

I do use a secondary, hand held motor to start it up. This can be that distraction. Hi there Faraday88 and others im finally backour dog grommet has a cast on his leg and my girlfriends a bit sad but all is good, back to the speriment talkfaraday88 thats for some info thereto do air core ill have to make a new energizer design as i need the core to make the controller have enough inductance to enregizer the trigger windingbut i might build another type of design to do more testing as the two coils of energize polarity sounds interestin equalization of waves i enerigzer something like this years back but i was not understanding things as well as i do now so it didnt work how i wanted so i gave up.


Finally erfinder, thanks for your contribution to this thread. In other words, I get past the “fluffy” charge. This made many new things available to us like flight, automobiles energizre plastics.

My replication of Lidmotors “Penny” seems to sit running at around. If both mechanical and electrical are considered, I probably have near, if not over a COP of 1. Don’t use gel-cells, they are crap. Originally Posted by Branch Gordon. This machine has been put together, tested bbedini torn apart many times.

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