ASTM D Standard Test Method for Cone Penetration of Petrolatum. Qty. Model, Description. 1, Choose One: H, Universal penetrometer ( includes standard needle). H, Penetrometer with digital timer*, V, 60Hz. Buy ASTM D R TEST METHOD FOR CONE PENETRATION OF PETROLATUM from SAI Global.

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If the consistency of grease becomes too low because of the shear stress in the mechanical aggregate astn, it may leak away from the area to be lubricated and parts will run dry; friction and wear will increase on the contact area.

Email Us or call toll-free: A brief presentation of the globally used ASTM test is given below:.

Therefore, a needle is used for bitumen and a perforated disk penetrator is used for liquid-like samples. A typical example of consistency determination is the penetration measurement of grease.

ASTM D – Roll stability of lubricating grease Covers determination of the changes in the consistency, as measurably cone penetration, of lubricating greases when worked in the roll stability test apparatus. Typical negative consequences of neglecting the consistency are:. Looking for a specific close-up?

The inner structure is characteristic for each material and can be influenced by outside forces as well as the ambient conditions. High penetration values indicate softer materials. Adjust the tip of the needle so that it is just touching the sample surface.

Test cones, needles and lightweight plunger where applicable are available to be ordered separately. Examples which illustrate the importance of consistency measurement are given in section 4.


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Covers determination of the changes in the consistency, as measurably cone penetration, of lubricating greases when worked in the roll stability test apparatus. Product Description This Koehler K penetrometer is designed for ASTM penetration tests on petroleum products and for consistency tests on a wide range of food products, cosmetics, pastes and other solid to semisolid products. The simple rheology concept of the device, short measurement time, and very good repeatability of the results open up a wide application field.

This instrument features a full penetration range of Anything that is dissolved or dispersed in a material contributes to its inner structure. Typical negative consequences of neglecting the consistency are: This website uses cookies to improve user experience. The value is obtained by calculation from needle penetration and the ring-and-ball softening point using a softening point tester. Cover four procedures for measuring the consistency of asmt greases by the penetration of a cone of specified ast, mass and finish.

A typical device which is used for the determination of consistency is a penetrometer. The penetration value ensures the adequate feeding of the friction area; the long-term performance of mechanical elements depends heavily on the selection of the right grease according to the penetration class.

Substances we encounter, within the fluid or solid state of matter, can be described according to their consistency, see Figure 1. The penetration test provides information on the texture.

Seta Half-Scale Cone, ASTM D, ASTM D, ASTM D

Grease and petrolatum The asfm of grease from almost fluid to semi-fluid to hard can be measured in a range up to Penetration Units. Prior to the yield point the material will deform elastically and will return to its original shape when the applied aatm stress is removed. Anton Paar has once again redefined digital ast measurement with the groundbreaking invention of a new measuring principle: A good spreadability of butter, margarine, cheese, honey, and other food must be ensured.


The behavior of the bitumen in the medium temperature range can be assessed by means of the penetration test. This helps when selecting the bitumen binder best suited to the climatic conditions of the respective region.

A simple method to determine the consistency of different products is by means of a penetrometer. The result is the depth, in tenths of a millimeter Penetration Unit, PUat which the cone sinks into the grease and this expresses the consistency.

Seta Half-Scale Penetrometer Cone

The penetration test is used for adjusting the right consistency:. Petroleum Products and Biofuel lab apparatus baths, calorimeters, color measurement, density meters, flash point, hydrogenators, oil testing, penetrometers, surface tension, vapor pressure, viscometers and rheometers, Hard grease will not work properly for a bearing that needs to be lubricated as it will not adequately grease the whole contact area. Compact design facilitates transport for field use.

According to the European Pharmacopoeia Method 2. A brief presentation of the globally used ASTM test is given below: It x937 supplied with 50 and gram weights and standard Pharmaceutical laboratory apparatus stability chambers, tablet disintegration, tablet dissolution, tablet hardness, V-blenders, The sensory expectations of the customer have to be fulfilled.

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