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31 Dec Forum for Questions relating to AS Do Welding quals under AS Qual for AS? Started by: Ozziepete. 5,; 5; 9 months ago · Table Documents Similar To Uploaded by. ganguly As NZS Structural Steel Welding. 21 Aug AS(+A1) Structural Steel Welding – AS/NZS ( Incorporating Amendment No. 1).

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With the assistance of a W. This applies to the welding performed in the factory and on site. All welding and fabrication work must be performed using qualified procedures. Looking for the best Welding Engineering Solution for your project? The welding operator must be tested for the type and position of weld to be used.

NDT records prove that all of the job has been tested with the correct test and to the appropriate percentage level. It lays out the requirements for design, as in weld size, length and placement, for the minimum training level required, do you need a full tradesman or not, for the testing required, x-ray or crack testing, and for the documentation that you are required to produce to satisfy the job requirements.

Documentation required All welding and fabrication work must be performed using qualified procedures.


Well these standards are created to make sure all parties have a foundation, qs1554 level playing field, to work on as an absolute ws1554 guarantee of a certain level of quality. This is a document setting out all the settings to be used by the welding operator. It addresses weld defects such as cracks, undersize, undercut and porosity for example. Most work in the structural trade is fillet welding.

He will determine what level of testing is needed and what percentage must be assessed with that method.

AS1554 Questions

SP category requires a higher level of testing on weld procedures and welder qualifications. What does this mean for you the fabricator or the site welder? NDT such as x-ray or magnetic particle testing will follow to pick up small defects the eye cannot see. This ensures no matter who does the welding it is done correctly. This is a greatly misunderstood area and we would love to help you manage it.

Some of it is performed in the vertical position. A simple mock up fillet weld in 10mm plate, witness and tested will allow a welder to weld on the job for the next 6 months.

Hi, are you a steel fabricator or site welding business? The rating SP compared with GP concerns weld quality and how it is inspected. Records of all testing must be kept on file and presented to the client at the end of the job. More critical to the job and to quality is the formulation of a qualified welding procedure specification, a WPS.


Welding Supervisor all of these tasks will be performed seamlessly and will result in your firm actually saving money owing to lower rework levels.

SP rating is much more stringent. Inspection of welding is your best defense against mistakes and defects.

AS(+A1) Structural Steel Welding_图文_百度文库

Generally everything is visually scanned for gross defects and missing welds then a closer visual inspection is carried out on a percentage of the work. April 01, By Paul Gillespie 0 Comment.

Any repairs that arise must also be documented and records kept. If so, are you aware of your obligations to the end client, the job contract, the drawings and specifications?

The simplest level of procedures is the SWMS system. This is usually carnival equipment or structures like the As1545 Star Observation Wheel in Melbourne. This applies to each task being performed such as drilling, cutting or welding. Home Blog Asnzs Compliance Requirements.

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