One very useful function of ArcGIS is the creation of hyperlinks. You can set up hyperlinks for any of your features, allowing the viewer to click on a specific. Dynamic hyperlinks take more time to set up, though have the advantage of being transferable between ArcGIS projects and they allow for greater organisation. to an ArcMap Feature (polygon, line or point). Pre-Hyperlink requirements. • Finished documents, photos, web-link files that pertain to objects in ArcMap that.

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Using Hyperlinks

You may also have to reverse the other slashes in your link, but I’ve had success with this in the past doing this. But, by overriding the default, you can specify most of the URL as the base— http: Click the General tab. Overriding the default makes it easier to work with long paths and URLs. These group layers are translated to.

Many clients are asking for more spatial data in GE right now. Hyperlinks allow you to access documents or web pages related to features. ArcGIS does not read these parameters like a command line. The tool is called layer to kml, but it only exports kmz, go figure. This can go in a temporary location, because with the relative link in the hyperlink the output kmz must be opened and saved as kml in the same location as the pdf folder. Notify me of new posts by email.


The setting to override the default only applies to your machine and is not stored as a property in the map document you are working with. I think you’ll have to get this back into your database and tweek the hyperlink paths a bit. Post as a guest Name. You can create a dispatch object within your script code to call functions from a custom library.

With dynamic hyperlinks, you do not use an attribute field to supply the hyperlink targets. Just as you can save the map with relative paths to the data, you can also specify hyperlinks that refer to arcmp location relative to the map. This link can be an absolute path as well, or a url, just replace the path within the single quotes with an absolute path pro tip — this can be a network location or valid url. This hyperlibk describes how to set and use hyperlink properties for a map layer.

I think that could be my issue. However, If I change the file from an image to a. Arc GIS for Desktop. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Check When the Hyperlink tool is selected, highlight features containing clickable content.

ArcGIS Desktop Help – Adding hyperlinks to features

If you click one of the features to open the pop up window, note that the hhperlink does not work. They are relative as will be looking inside the compressed. If you override the default, ArcMap will still retain the slash if the hyperlink base specified in Map Document Properties ends in a slash character.


To use environment variables within ArcGIS, you will need to qualify the variable with a dollar sign, not percentage signs.

This arcmsp does not include field-based hyperlinks, and the commands available have no effect on field-based hyperlinks. I can check it out if you zip it up and send it my way. The setup you’ve described sounds correct, and works for me in a simple test.

I have a workflow that includes many grouped layers in a master mxd. The hyperlink field should look like this now.

Instead, it uses a special delimiter, a? Keep in mind that relative atcmap that contain spaces can be problematic and that the relative link style will not work with the raw kmz output from arcmap, at least not for this workflow.

They can just contain the name of the file. Field-based hyperlinks support system- and current user-level Windows environment variables when used with the Identify tool.

June 30, One step further: They are also stored with your layer if you save the layer to a file. And thanks for adding the screenshots, but they don’t necessarily help to illuminate your answer. Hoping to get the down vote removed as I really was trying to be helpful and don’t have enough rep hypelrink yet to simply comment and not post an answer.

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