(3) Basic manual operation of the receiver. copied or transferred by any means without the prior written consent of AOR Ltd. AOR and the AOR logo are. Aor AR Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Aor AR Manual, Operating Manual. View and Download AOR AR manual online. AR Receiver pdf manual download.

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For this reason, if the AR is ra8200 down by removing external supply without internal batteries in place or when the batteries become exhaustedthe last displayed frequency will be lost and the frequency used prior to this will be displayed when next powered up.

AOR AR8200 Manual

This is particularly useful for customising how long the receiver will wait for a reply before resuming scan. Channel Protect Delete There are three options for opening message: If the squelch is closed before you PUSH a key, the audio will remain muted until the key sequence is completed even if the frequency becomes active and vice-versa… Select Scan Environment Connect The Aerial antenna Starting To Scan Page 79 STEP size selection.

Page 4 14 Configuration menu Deleting Single Memory Channels Table Of Contents Internal batteries At default when shipped from the factory, the AR will remain on the active memory channel until the received signal disappears and the squelch closes.

The AR charging circuit is not designed to recharge dry cells or NiMHi batteries, if these are to be recharged, they must be removed from the AR and charged in a specialist external charger following the manufacturers recommendations.


Search Pass Menu The main dial will now correctly follow the required bandplan.

AOR AR Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Do not mix cells of different types and do not mix new and used cells. Text Search And Input Rotary squelch control 3. How To Clone Data Short Cut Text Entry Section Short cut text entry Entering text into memory channels, memory banks and search banks can be quite long winded. Config Opening Message If you pause during frequency input for more than 90 seconds, the menu will time out and the AR will return to its previous task just as if the key had been operated.

Write Protect During Memory Input Frequency Offset do NOT press enter!

Exit From Band Scope Exit from band scope To exit the band scope Setting frequency span width waveform enlargement The frequency span width may be adjusted between the limits of 10 MHz default to kHz using keys. While in VFO mode, if the keypad or key mxnual used, the current status of the audio with respect to the squelch control will be maintained.

Charging The Nicads AR is switched off. For short wave reception a msnual length of long wire approximately 10 to 20 metres in length forms a good compromise. It is suggested that you do not use the write protect facility until you are familiar with the operation of the AR as it will prevent certain functions being carried out at a future time.

Starting The Band Scope Comments to this Manuals Your Name. You must remove write protect from the SAVE memory bank before you can copy new data to that location, individual memory channel write protect is ignored.


Search Bank Write Protect The process may be repeated for other locations. Em All-data Save And Load sr8200 NORM Normal message is displayed at switch-on: Fitting The Slot Card Charging The Nicads Setting Frequency Span Width waveform Enlargement Memory Channel Write Protect Edit Memory Channel Edit Copy Memory Channel Page 35 The main dial will now correctly follow the required bandplan.

Text Search Section Text search For fastest text search and greatest reliability, place the AR into memory read, scan or search mode it takes a long time while in VFO mode and may fail under certain circumstances.

Scan receive Mode Refer to the write protect section 11 of manuwl manual.

AOR AR8200 Manuals

The EM enables the whole 1, memory channels in 20 banks and 40 program search banks to be backed up to the EM Edit Copy Search Bank Short Cut Text Entry, Keypad With Keys Short cut text entry, keypad with keys Text may also be entered using a combination of the keypad and keys. For this reason, it is necessary to change receive mode in order to monitor msnual transmissions.

Specification Propagation VHF and UHF transmissions generally only propagate relatively short distances when compared to short wave signals.

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