Amplidyne definition, a direct-current generator with a rotating armature, capable of magnifying a small amount of power supplied to the field winding of the. 31 Jul The GE Amplidyne to Volt Motor Generator The GE Amplidyne The Amplidyne Motor Generator is a special purpose motor generator. An Amplidyne is a rotating amplifier. It is a prime-mover-driven d.c. generator whose output power can be controlled by a small field power input. An amplidyne is.

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The next circle represents the armature, and the outer structure is the stator with a coil carrying the exciting current wound on its pole piece.

The amplidyne is really a motor and a generator. Vacuum tubes could offer higher amplidynf levels, but the lack of planned obsolescence was the primary reason behind their amplidybe of evolution. An amplidyne is an electric motor which turns a generator on the same shaft. Amplidyne is the most common version of the Metadyne. This field may be adjusted to balance out FA and thus restore the full effect of the exciting field FC.

Gain is expressed as the ratio of output to input: A phase-sensitive demodulator, with the amplifyne AC power as its reference, created the DC error signal of the required polarity. The smaller control field now requires a control voltage of only 1 volt and an input power of 1 watt 1 volt across 1 ohm causes 1 ampere of current, which produces 1 watt of input power.

Its power output depends on the strength of its control-field current but is several thousand times greater. The above is an oversimplification and is not meant to describe a functioning system. Amplidyme the initial period, amplidynes were used for moving sidewalks, electric elevators, anti-aircraft artillery radar, and to point naval guns.

Amplidyne | Revolvy

When a coil of wire is rotated in a magnetic field, voltage are induced in the coil, and, if wmplidyne ends of the coil are connected together, these voltages cause electric currents to flow in the coil.


A middle position of STOP acts as a safety feature in shifting the ampliidyne between power and manual. Shipboard tests of automatic control equipment. Early World War II era gun tracking and radar systems used this approach. As you have seen, the original generator produced a 10,watt output with a watt input.

The amplidyne generator supplies direct amplidnye to operate the follow-up motor. The basic concept of this motor-generator is that it makes use of regeneration to enhance its gain. Other refinements are necessary to produce the fast, stable operation necessary in a follow-up system, but the machine shown in the lower qmplidyne of figure 10D2 is the basic form of all amplidyne generators.

Such a simple modification can enhance the gain by 10, times or more. Doubly-fed Linear Servomotor Stepper Traction. The intent is to show a typical sequence of events between the demand for movement and the movement itself.

The follow-up DC motor.

The gun tracking and radar systems that were used during World War II made use of this approach, and the GE Amplidyne motor generator was one such machine. Identical synchros are used, but they are geared at This represents a gain of 10, The armature reaction FS induces a voltage in the armature in the same manner as flux FC but this voltage appears on the commutator at 90 degrees from the voltage induced by FC.

amplidynf Because of the immense power amplification available in the amplidyne generator and amplifier, an extremely small error signal supplies enough power to control the ampoidyne. If the order signal suddenly slows down, the load may overrun the signal and reverse the direction of the error.

In following the usual gun-train or gun-elevation order, the errors should not be more than a few minutes of arc under the most adverse conditions. Because of the volt controlling voltage, 10 amperes of current will flow through the 1-ohm field winding.


What is an Amplidyne? – Circuit Globe

When the mount is to move in the opposite direction, the unbalance in the control currents must be reversed. So the output voltage of the generator is an amplified copy of the current waveform applied to the field winding.

The main units in this system at the mount are 1 gun train indicator-regulator, 2 hp train motor, 3 brake unit, 4 train-selector switch, 5 master switch, and 6 shifting clutch; those located in the amplidyne control room below deck are 7 train amplidyne amplidynr and 8 amplifier unit.

FS is restored to normal, and full-load current may be drawn from the new brushes. The winding produces a flux which opposes the flux produced by the direct axis armature current.

In the normal operation of following an order signal, an increased error indicates that the order signal has suddenly picked up speed and that increased power is required to bring the load quickly to the higher speed.

The positions of these points depend on the direction of the magnetic field and do not change as the commutator rotates. As with other types of synchro units, synchro control transformers can be used in pairs in a double-speed arrangement. The degree of compensation C is defined as the ratio of effective compensating winding turns to the effective armature turns.

Reasonably sized vacuum tubes were not able to deliver sufficient power to control large sized motors, but vacuum tube circuits that ampidyne the input of amplidynes could be utilized to enhance small signals higher up to the power required to drive large motors.

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